Open Source

We truly believe in Open Source development model. This puts us in a position where we can offer wide range of services for Open Source products. Our employees contribute to many Open Source projects, including Ubuntu distribution, Pacemaker high availability system, OpenStack cloud solution and others. Cause of our experience providing e-mail solutions, we lead the team that’s responsible for mail-stack-delivery solution within Ubuntu distribution.


Ubuntu is one of leading Linux based distributions. It’s well known as a desktop solution, but it’s also a leading platform for cloud implementations, both as guest and as host system. Easy LAMP setup made is one of most popular platforms for deploying web pages. We choose Ubuntu as a server platform, and our clients are happy with our choice. Development of Ubuntu is driven by Canonical, company with which we share special relation.


Cloud computing is an every day term. Unfortunately, this term is being used for simple web pages, which have nothing to do with cloud technology. Unlike virtualization based solutions and regular web services, cloud solution can scale very quickly and it can balance the use of available resources. Whether you require shared storage or a compute cloud, hardware doesn’t play an important role anymore – it’s disposable and replaceable without impacting service availability. OpenStack is an Open Source cloud solution, developed by companies like HP, Dell, Canonical, Rackspace, Cisco and many others. We are also there, contributing to this project as much as we can.

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