Init has big experience with integrating and maintaining e-mail services. Scaling from simple standalone solutions to more complex integrations with Exchange and/or multiple different authentication methods. Part of our experience is contained in mail-stack-delivery package, distributed with Ubuntu. Our solutions are based on  Postfix and Dovecot systems. We also integrate various anti-SPAM and anti-virus solutions, which are being used by tens of thousands of users on a daily basis.


Linux is a well known platform for deploying web applications. Together with Apache, MySQL and PHP it even got a unique name – LAMP system. Our experience cover various MySQL setups (master-slave, master-master i standalone), Apache, PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, memcache and other services required for successful web pages. We work with Nivas on all major projects that require web development.


Virtualization can significantly reduce required resources in any company – lower energy requirements, less hardware to maintain, etc. Ubuntu’s virtualization stack is based on KVM system which enables live migration, VirtIO virtual hardware for faster access to disks and network and many other features. Our expertise go far beyond implementing virtualization – we’ve been involved in development of customized virtualization platforms.

If you haven't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us - we are sure we can help you out with any problem you might have.

Linux HA

Pacemaker, high availability system, is a technology we are very familiar with. This is a project that managed to merge best features from old Linux HA project and RedHat Cluster Suite – while doing that, it made these two outdated and obsolete. We are contributing to development of this product and also have exceptional experience in deploying high availability systems. Whether it’s just a web server or a complex system, including multi nodes, shared storage and custom tools, Pacemaker can add new dimension and make your services resilient to daily problems in IT industry. Complete high availability depends on many factor, but Pacemaker is good way to start designing solution.


OpenLDAP is the world’s most widely used LDAP implementation. Our experience ranges from simple LDAPs for contact storage, all the way up to synchronization of parts of LDAP tree between different companies from different countries. OpenLDAP is extensively used within academic institutions in Croatia. Some of them are levering our experience with OpenLDAP to extend the use and purpose of their LDAP trees.


Backup is a key element of security for every user. Before implementing any service, even before the design of the service, one needs to accept the fact that everybody makes mistakes. There are mistakes in computer design, computer build and above, mistakes in computer use. Above all that, we are still unable to control all kinds of natural disasters. Don’t let one natural disaster or one single human error make your business collapse. Init successfully implements all kinds of backup solutions based on Bacula backup system. We are doing it for years. Don’t think of it when it’s already too late.

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