Private cloud

OpenStack and Ubuntu are ultimate technologies for developing private cloud solutions. Private clouds bring easier resource management within the company. Simply group all your resources and chunk away required resources to your users. All users are provided with hardware independent resources, making it easier for you to manage them. If implemented properly, cloud technologies can bring significant cost savings. For jobs like that, you can rely on engineers from Init and Canonical.

Cloud Live

Cloud-live is a project developed by Canonical for the purpose of demoing Ubuntu Cloud infrastructure. It’s a bootable disk image that can be copied to USB or CD, or it can be run within any major virtualization system. Image contains reduced Ubuntu desktop system but with complete Ubuntu Cloud solution. All you need to do is follow instructions on the desktop and within moments, you’ll have a complete single node OpenStack compute cloud. All of that without making any changes to existing data on your disk.

Ubuntu Cloud

Ubuntu Cloud is a group of technologies, including OpenStack, juju, Awsome and others. It’s a complete product developed by Canonical, included in Ubuntu distribution. Our relationship with Canonical enables us to bring both Init and Canonical engineers to fulfill all your requests and develop on your ideas. More about these technologies can be found on Canonical‘s web pages.

Cloud doesn't mean transfering your services to a 3rd party contractor. Private clouds can bring cost savings, scalability and high availability of your services within your own infrastructure.

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